Hello, my name is Red, yes just like the color. I am a photographer, director, and editor based in New York. 

I am using both my creative and strategic skills to partner with brands to create photos, videos, and marketing campaigns. I love finding ways to combine familiar things in new ways. This paired with empathy for the audience has made all the difference in my work. 

I built the foundation of my career at Everlane. I literally sold myself to them (yeah, that’s my government name). I started in Customer Experience and within a year I joined the brand marketing team. I was put in charge of everything with a hashtag. #TheseLoafers, #WhereITravel, Transparency Tuesday, #ShoePark, #DamnGoodDenim, and @everlanestudio are just a handful of the projects we completed together. After 4 years I left to go freelance full-time.

As a kid I saw two career options. Be like my dad the door-to-door cable salesman or my mom as the insurance office worker. My model for a viable career path was clearly set to the standard 9-to-5. As an adult I’ve gotten to know my parents better. My dad and his friends organized the Philippine’s version of Woodstock in 1970, The Antipolo Rock Festival. My mom studied fashion merchandising and modeled for Kodak print ads. Together they ran a clothing shop and dressed politicians and celebrities in the Philippine’s through the 70’s and 80’s. Maybe this is why accounting never worked out for me.

Select Clients: Airbnb, Floyd, Year & Day, Pitchfork, Vans, Teen Vogue, Snapchat, and 368.